Welcome/No Pain With Rules

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Welcome/No Pain With Rules

Post by LifeOfDead on 15th May 2015, 4:12 am

Welcome to Nami Fish Legion !

As I repeated to almost all our new member , u'r a LegionMate and also a friend to my eyes ! If you need help , you can ask me !

But this post is not only to welcome you to our sexy Legion !

Sure ! I agree , rules are annoying ! Well I'm sorry sweety .. We've rules here too ...

Don'T worry , there's no big deal over my rules , not in LegionChat/In Game at least .
On the forum , it will be a little different . Nothing big !


0.1 : In Game name as Forum Name !
- Maybe it's too much to ask , but we need to know who is who . Thx
1: Respect .
 -I know that we're all different , that we can't love EVERYONE !
   But we still have to show respect to all !
    If you hate someone , hide it , at least don't insult him/her
     on forum or Legion Chat ! We don't need too much drama .
      Just me is a real big drama 24h/24 hahah !!

2: We're not a porn Forum , so please hide u'r tits and naked stuff !
   - Joking about Naked stuff it's alright , but I won't allow people
     To send picture of them naked . You know there's kids everywhere !
      Be careful about that Smile

3: Alice/LifeOfDead ( BG/Leader/me ) is a girl ! don't call me guy !
  - Really , I'm repeating myself about that , but I truly hate ,
    when people call me guy/bro and stuff like that .
     I'm sorry but not everybody have a little stick in their pants .
     I've a hole xD

So , I think it's enough for now , right ? Maybe later we'll have new rules ?!
But at least for now , I think it's fine !

Take care and welcome to our Legion .

Friendly Alice/LifeOfDead

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