Problem , report .

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Problem , report .

Post by LifeOfDead on 20th May 2015, 4:52 am

Hey hey all !

Yes , we've a problem to report post ! Cause we all do have some problem sometime !

For exemple with someone !
Exemple : Mister Roberto doesn't respect me at all , he's always telling me i'm ugly ,
bad and stuff ! I tried to tell him to stop with respect without insulting him . But he continue .

In that case you can send me a report of the situation ! You can send it here , by Aion Mailbox , by mailbox on forum and you can also request a Meeting on RaidCall or skype with me !

We'll find a solution together !

Other situation .

Problem about a bug in game that you want to report and maybe request help for that it's also here !

Anyway any problem u've just report it here !

Friendly Alice/LifeOfDead

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