Exemple of an Application .

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Exemple of an Application .

Post by LifeOfDead on 20th May 2015, 7:11 am

Hey !

Yup ! We can also make an application ! It's not an obligation for now , maybe it will later!

Why an application ? Well to get's to know each other better ! I know that we also have a presentation post ! But it's not totally the same , this one is more about the game !

Okay let's make an exemple ! I'll make one with my own answer Smile

Alice Application

In game UserName Main : LifeOfDead

Your Age/ 24

Actual level : 65

Male/Female / Female !

How long have you been with us ? / Since the first day haha I'm BG after all :3

Did you knew when u joigned the Legion why our Legion is called -Nami Fish- ? / yup of course ! From LeagueOfLegends ! Nami is a champion ( and she's a fish ) there's a picture >

How did you find us ? / I just made it then I started to recruit cool People which are my members Smile

Favorite Anime / : THERE'S TOO MUCH FOR ME !!! CANNOT FIND ANYONE !!!! D':

Dark or Light ?/ : Dark ... Because of my past ... Lot's of bad things , even in my actual present ...

Favorite Number : 65 *cough* 'Cause 65 is the max lvl on Aion *cough*

Who is the Brigade General of the Nami Fish Legion ? : LifeOfDead of course ! such an amazing girl *cough*

Who are you ( description of yourself ) ? / : who I am ... well ... troubled ... troubled is the best words to describe myself .. I've trouble of personnality , i'm bipolar , I got anxiety , paranoid and many other stuff ... so yea i'm troubled inside my little brains ... I always act like a happy girl .. even if inside of me i'm crying .. I'm a generous person , probly too much , cause I love to help people .. to make them smile ... I can't even make myself smile but I can make other smile ... So yea ... ( I hate trying to describe myself ) .I'm hypersensitve !

So yup ! there's a little application as an exemple for now .
Maybe later I'll remove question or add some !
But it's better than nothing as a little exemple !

Friendly Alice/LifeOfDead

Female Messages : 12
When u joigned : 2015-05-14
Old : 28
Random~ : BG/Leader

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