Website's not ready !

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Website's not ready !

Post by LifeOfDead on 15th May 2015, 6:47 am

Hello !

As the title is saying , the website is still not ready at some point .
I'm still making it , but that's still allow you to use the forum , post , log in and stuff.

I know for now there's almost nothing . I also have a work in real life .
I work during Saturday , Sunday and Monday night .

Which , those day , I'm normally less active ! I'm still logging on ! But I try to sleep a bit .

Actually we're Friday ! Which mean , website probly won't be done this week-end !
After Monday don't worry honey ! This forum will shine !

Actually working on :
- Making an exemple of an application
- Main picture of the website
- More Forum for
  • Events/PVP
  • Nothing about Aion/Games
  • I'll see the rest in times ( tired actually , 17th may 9:39AM came back from work )
- Many other things xD

Thank for u'r patience !

Friendly Alice/LifeOfDead

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